Meet The Characters

Jasmine was raised in biracial family, her mother coming from Germany, and her father, an African American, originally from Dallas, Texas. She’s waited her entire life for the “Happily Ever After.” Now, as she turns 40, she has it all. She’s beautiful, successful in business, has a terrific array of friends, and loves her husband and her son more than anything. So why now, as she appears to already have the perfect life, does she yearn for more? Due to a lost love, who vanished, 14 years ago, she’s lost in thoughts of her former flame, somewhere between the passion they shared and finally getting the closure she was robbed of, years ago.
Chauncey is what most women dream of. He’s tall, dark, handsome, and successful. He works hard on his stunning physique, and even harder in the courtroom. An MBA graduate of Baylor Law, he is now partner, at his well-established law firm. Married to Jasmine for 8 years, Chauncey knows what his wife wants and needs, and doesn’t hesitate to give it to her. He gives her unconditional love, commitment, trust, stability, opulence… He gives her the world.
Better know in Bound by Memphis as MB, Melvin is Jasmine’s ex-fiance. He’s slim, sexy, and smooth with words. In fact, just a look from MB could make Jasmine quiver. The two of them shared more passion that most have ever known. He was born and raised in Memphis, and was a true country boy, back when he stole Jasmine’s heart, 14 years ago. However, just as easily as he swept Jazz off her feet, he went missing, no explanations, no remorse. Just months away from their wedding, he left her alone and confused. With such little said about his escape, MB left Jasmine wondering if he wanted a different life, if she wasn’t everything he longed for, if there was another woman… MB truly was the one that got away.
Donnie has been a special friend of Jasmines, for nearly a lifetime. Having retired a few years ago, from the NFL, Donnie is now successful, as an entrepreneur, now owning a night club¦ Not to mention, ridiculously attractive, probably coming from his Puerto Rican roots. Donnie and Jasmine go way back, all the way to their college years. They are even close with each other’s families. Now, a few years after the last time they’ve seen each other in person, Donnie and Jazz’s friendship is as strong as ever, yet he seems peculiarly different. Formerly, he was known for having the best looking women, by his side, yet now, a few years later, seems to be consumed with other thoughts. Donnie was there for Jazz, through both of the serious relationships in her life. He was her rock. So, he is naturally a perfect confidante, while she stays in Memphis.
Manny is the true love of Jasmine’s life, her 1 year old son. While Jazz and Chauncey each thought they were not able to have children, Manny proved to be their miracle. Jasmine had waited her whole life for him. Several years ago, as the couple went over their options for adoption, Jazz found out she was pregnant, at the perfect time. He is the spitting image of both of his parents, encompassing the most adorable features of each.
Stokes is Chauncey Henderson’s cousin. He works along Chauncey’s side, as a partner at the law firm, not only as a peer, but as family. Although they come from the same blood, Stokes and Chauncey couldn’t be more diverse. The Hendersons can’t quite put their finger on it, nor does the firm have solid proof of Stokes ill will, but his actions prove to be rather shady, time and time again.
Tophe is Jasmine’s assistant. Really, she’s one of the closest people in Jazz’s life. Something not too surprising, since Jazz is so invested in her successful career. Tophe knows most of the details about Jasmine’s life, whether Jazz likes it or not. She knows Jazz’s schedule, her shoe size, her measurements, her secrets, and when something seems to be plaguing Jazz’s mind. Tophe isn’t shy about asking things, straight forward, often taking Jazz aback with bluntness. She’s nosy, but has her friend’s best intentions at heart.
Ben is Jasmine’s boss. He is often working on a project in another city, leaving Jazz to take control of most aspects of starting up his new firm. Ben is a millionaire, and got to be so, by finding the right people, and trusting them to lead his business, their own way. He hit the jackpot, when discovering Jasmine, and has happily kept her on board, for the last 5 years. To him, Jazz is the prodigy, who turns his work into gold, which is why Ben is willing to pull out all of the stops, to keep his best employee happy. This includes pampering her on business trips, with 1st class tickets, penthouses, champagne, and anything unrelated to her actually taking a vacation off of work. Though Ben is charming and kindhearted, he and Jazz have mutual respect, and through their years of devoted work, they’ve gotten close enough for him to not shy away from giving it to her straight when it pertains to the success of his company.
Darla is M.B.’s wife, and mother to his children. While Jazz had many illusions of what kind of woman her former love would end up with, she never would have pictured Darla, in a thousand years. Darla is Jazz’s polar opposite. She works as an RN, and to her, living in Memphis, with her loving family, means living the dream. Darla is content with stability and comfort. Although she is extremely religious, her conservative character is mostly credited to it innately being in her nature. She is polite, reserved, and has clearly been kept in the dark, in reference to M.B.’s past relations with Jazz.
Virginia owns a Bed & Breakfast, in Canton. She embodies Southern hospitality, at its finest. It’s not only her years on this Earth, that attribute to her being so wise, but it’s also her life experience. She knows love. She knows human nature. She knows people. A couple of years before her husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer, the two converted their plantation estate into a quaint B&B, in which she is currently the caretaker of. In fact, Caretaker is a label that Virginia wears proudly. She is happy to invite strangers into her home, and thoroughly cares for each one.