Jasmine Henderson has it all…

The perfect husband. The perfect son. The perfect job. However, with all aspects of her life lined up in flawless array, something begins to stir her emotions, reminding her of the once love of her life who walked away.

Now a successful Public Relations Consultant, Jasmine has built her surroundings to include all that she adores, with one exception… MB. But once Jazz’s boss sends her to Memphis to work on the firm’s latest project, she crosses the bridge to her past, a chapter she thought she had closed long ago.

Sneaking out from Jazz’s ego is MB’s not-so-distant memory… their spark… their passion… their budding life together. He was supposed to be the one. Yet, while Jasmine was blissfully naive and planning their wedding fourteen years ago, MB had a varying agenda. He left, no excuses, no apologies. He was gone.

She’s built a new life, outside of Memphis, outside of him. Now in Dallas, with her devoted, wonderful husband, Chauncey, and their son, Manny, Jasmine has the life she has always dreamed about. But, it’s about to become rattled.

Excerpts from “Memphis Mae”

“I spent the entire month wondering if this was how I was suppose to spend the rest of my life… broken, numb and without feeling. I always knew in my heart we wouldn’t make it but it never occurred to me that after fighting for so long, he’d let me go.”
“People often say, as time goes on it gets better. But I know for a fact that it does not get better, it gets different… 20 years have made things different, however, there are still times when the pain is so fresh that it takes my breath away.”
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