“Bound by Memphis, is one of those books that I am shouting from the rooftop telling you to read. I’m not alone, when I say this book is one of the best books that I’ve read this year. Loosely based on events inspired from people in her own life, she gives the readers a story that will have you emotionally invested in the characters and their journey making you unable to stop reading. It is such a testament to her ability as a storyteller because you feel with her characters and for them. Their lives, whether you have been there or not, grabs a part of you from within and speaks to the part of you that draws from your own experience.

Have you ever loved someone who left you broken, and in the mending process, your heart battles your mind with that one what if. What if I saw that person again, would anything change? Could I get the answers and the closure that I never got? Even though time will bury the pain, eventually moving on and hoping to find happiness, there is always a place where that experience is bottled with every emotion that is attached with that person. So, what if love finds you and you meet the person of your dreams and then one day, you see that person? Do you open the door, or leave it shut?” Michelle Bowles READ MORE