Put Your Heart in Everything You Do and Watch Dreams Happen

My passion for writing started my freshman year in high school, and took a backseat my second year in college. Somewhere along the way, I allowed my passion to get lost between my career and being a wife and mother. After my son was born, my life began changing course. I returned to the writing, which had been such an essential part of my identity, years prior. Fours years ago, I pulled out my red felt journal and began to write. As each journal entry was made, the love that I once shared for writing reclaimed its space in my life. As I wrote, I began to read it out loud and rediscovered my passion, which prompted the premise for my book, Bound by Memphis. My book began from an actual journal entry, and turned into a fictional novel that was inspired by true events which happened in my life. While the characters of the book are loosely based on those I know, when Jasmine Henderson, the main character, reminisces about her past, those are actual accounts of my own life and a particular lost love. This book was an emotional roller coaster for me, awakening a memory I buried long ago. My pilgrimage through the book brought on a renewed sense of understanding of what already was, before, and a heightened gratitude of the love I share with my husband, today. I hope that everyone who reads this enjoys the journey.

Jennifer J. Hayes