Bound By Memphis

A fictional romance inspired by true events

Love doesn’t change, people change…

Loosely inspired by true events, Bound by Memphis, by Jennifer J. Hayes, is the steamy, sultry romantic story of Jasmine Henderson, a successful public relations consultant who has everything she’s wanted in life… Well, just about everything. Fourteen years ago, while planning her wedding to Melvin Brown, better known as MB, she was left at the altar with no explanations.

Although she assumed she’d never move on, she ended up meeting and marrying the love of her life, Chauncey M. Henderson, and having a child, years later. It’s when Jasmine’s latest work venture places her in the city that holds memories to her past, Memphis, MB resurfaces when he learns she’s back in town. Although Jasmine loves her husband, her son, and her life, she can’t deny the passion and chemistry that she once shared with MB. Briefly away from her family and home in Dallas, Jasmine is left alone to deal with these emotions and unresolved questions of MB. She goes looking for answers to why he walked away. When forced to confront painful memories she awakens something she thought died long ago.

In this novel, Jasmine discovers herself as she explores the depths of her former love versus her current life, and learns “Love doesn’t change, people change.” Bound by Memphis takes you on an insightful journey of love, joy, and pain, and gives a deeper meaning to why sometimes “you have to lose happiness to find it again.”

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Gazing out into the distance, I could see the ripples of the Mississippi crashing against the rocks, and I began reflecting on all that it personified. It represented so much. I would never forget the day that I finally let go of it all, “The Dream,” as I use to call it…

There was nobody like Melvin Brown. He surely set the beat to his own drum, and even though I had known him for over twenty years, I still hadn’t figured him out. I had stopped trying, many years ago.

As we got closer, I noticed a white sign, swinging on a post, that read, “Welcome to Heart’s Content. Heart’s Content? “How ironic,” I thought.


We stopped off the path and away from others. He took my face in his hands and softly kissed my lips. We gazed at one another and then he closed his eyes for a moment while he lowered his head and said,"you taught me how to love again."
In the distance I could hear life moving but it didn't matter because this was our moment halted in time.- intimate, hidden. Hours later I took his arm as he led me back down the path, back among the world. We talked and then we didn't talk. Eventually the evening faded around us as the sunset carried us away with it, back to our own lives... distant and seperate... ~ Memphis Mae
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